Sunday, July 20, 2008

I'm so happy right now because I just found out one of my favorite shows is coming back on the air.I love love love Unsolved Mysteries! It was the shit, as a child that would be all I'd watch. It was on lifetime as much as it scared me, I loved every second of it. Along with the show Are you afraid of the dark it had one of the scariest theme songs,  just the song it's self can scare the crap out of someone. Well it's going to be on Spike tv this fall with a new host [Robert Stack is dead :( It's not gonna be the same with out him though]. Well even with the new host and channel I'm sure it will be great. I was upset when Lifetime stopped airing the show even If it was just repeats which I had already seen a dozen times it was still great, bah I miss it can't wait till the fall!!!!


Erika said...

I loved Are You Afraid of the Dark? Unsolved Mysteries scared me, but even X-Files scared because I was a little fraidy cat kid.

Jtalk said...

haha same but,I love getting scared!