Monday, July 21, 2008

F!r3 !$l@ND

My Saturday was spent on FireIsland for my friend Sarah's 16th Birthday. Though She is in my grade shes a year younger then me and most of my friends so we like to joke on her,even my friends in the grade below are older then Sarah. The whole day was spent in the sun with great company it was so fun and I managed not to get any sun burn (I burn very easily) most of the folks who attended could not say the same.
here are a few photos from the day:
                                                                Sarah on the ferry ride there
O c e a n
                                                                           Sam and I                                             Me, Colleen, Sarah and Suzanna                                                                             Kat                                                              Me, Suzanna and Colleen                                                                            Suzanna
Colleen In my sunglasses taken by Cynthia 
Suzanna and Kat
                                                     Cynthia and The Sweet 16 girl Sarah
The photos of me are taken by my lovely friend Cynthia, thanks Cyn :D.


lolitahazed said...

God, I'm so jealous. I have the worst beach lust ever! Screw being land-locked.

Jtalk said...

aw yeah, thats gotta be a bummer. =(