Thursday, July 3, 2008

long time no blogg

blahvbabshddugfgfyegf sorry I haven't blogged I don't know what was up with me I've just haven't had any inspiration or good photo's to share. Life has been sort of dull lately not that I mind it could be worse right??
So I spent last night with friends it was great! As you can probably tell It was super fun. I'm on the left then thats Alex in the middle and Sarah on the right.
It's my friend Alex's birthday today she is 17! She dyed her hair yesterday and It looks great I think you can see her old hair in the last post well she use to have brown hair. I like it change is always good. I'm really excited for her she's going away to take summer courses at Pratt for the next 3 weeks I'm gonna miss her tons!!!

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